• VW Diesel Emissions Foundation

    VW Diesel Emissions Foundation

    Volkswagen Group Diesel Efficiency Stichting is a Netherlands-based claim foundation (the “Foundation”).

The Foundation aims to further the collective interests of the present and former owners or lessees of (a) Volkswagen Group Vehicle(s) (as defined in the Foundation’s articles of association), domiciled or residing either in the Netherlands or abroad (with the exception of U.S. residents) to the extent that these parties have suffered harm or damage and/or may suffer future harm or damage as a consequence of (a) fraud, breach of warranty and any violation – systematic or otherwise –, on their rights, or (b) any other unlawful act or omission, by and/or on behalf of one or more of the Volkswagen Group Entities (as defined in the Articles), which harm or damage directly or indirectly relates to (the emission produced by) the 2.0 liter four cylinder diesel-engine or the 3.0 liter V6 diesel-engine of their Volkswagen Group Vehicle(s), (“Consumer Harm”), this in the broadest sense, and who are persons whose interests the Foundation represents pursuant to its objects (the ‘Gedupeerden’ (“Aggrieved Parties”)) as defined in the articles of association.

In pursuing its aims, the Foundation closely works together with […] and international law firms Lemstra Van der Korst N.V. and Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP.